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Welcome to Chiffon Face & Body Washers

Chiffon Australia is a Sydney based business, all of our face and body washers we sell are eco-friendly and manufactured here in Australia. Our face and body washers, also known as gants de toilette, are created using luxurious fabrics finished with unique trims. We have a range of fabrics including cotton and organic cotton that come in various colours and textures for women, men, babies and kids.

Our face and body washers are shaped like a pouch making them practical to use, a great eco-friendly alternative to disposable wipes and sponges.  Our face and body washers are timeless, wash and use time and time again.

Chiffon face and body washers continue to flourish with the support of our customers. We love creating and making our face and body washers and hope you love our products too!

Our Top Sellers

Womens & Mens Face Washers

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Babies Face Cloth

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Kids Face Cloth

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Savon de Marseille

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Keep your family clean and Safe?

Our natural, thick  and luxury reusable face cloths and body washers can help keep you and your family  safe. Check  out our latest face cloths and body washers.


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