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Are reusable washcloths better for the environment?

We have seen images of disposable wet wipes filling our landfill and are often mistakenly flushed down the toilet. They typically contain plastic and once they reach the sea, they last a very, very very long time causing havoc with marine life.

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And when they reach the landfill they don’t break down due to the plastics contained within wipes.

It seems our lazy ways have come at a great environmental cost. Wet wipes are one of the fastest growing cause of pollution in our landfills and marine life. The disposable moistened towelette promise so much yet the environmental impact is far from a promise to keep our environment clean.

Below is a pretty good interview discussing the use of wet wipes vs cloth friendly products and the environment.

So what should you do to help combat the environmental issues surrounding wet wipes?

For one, consider going back to your pre-wet wipe life by removing your makeup with a washcloth.

It’s not entirely surprising that disposable wet wipes have become so successful as consumers often love products that make our lives more convenient, and companies are always looking for new ways to market their products. Though the long-term impact of these ultimately unnecessary cleaning items seems too important to ignore.

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