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Instill good cleaning habits at an early age

My two children use their face and body washes during every evening bath time. They have their own coloured face towel and look after it just like their mummy.

I like to instill these good cleaning habits in both my young daughters at an early age, so the good cleanliness behaviour remains with them their entire life. They learn that its important to look after your face and your skin with materials that are good for them; just as my mum taught me.

My kids can see that mummy looks after her skin and remains youthful looking. The face and body scrubbers are as very handy as a glove during bath times. You simply put it on your hand at the start of bathing and lather it up with soap.

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At the end of bath time the girls simply rinse and wring the wash gloves of soapy water and hang them up next to one another on the towel rack. We have a heated towel rack at home that all the towels and towelettes hang on so they are warm to the touch before and after bubble bath time. You really connect with your children during bath times and the face and body cloths are extremely gentle to their skin in comparison to a bath sponge or directly using a soap bar on the skin which they don’t fancy one little bit.

They just can’t do without their Chiffon face and body washers and hope your kids feels the same one day too.

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