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The Durability of our Chiffon Australia Face Washers

Chiffon face washes are machine washable and extremely durable. I wash face cloths on a weekly cycle and they have continued to endure daily use for over a year. The face washer material remains gentle to the skin following numerous face clean and washing cycles.

A fabric softener can be used in the wash cycle to enhance the softness of the face cloth to the skin. Chiffon face towels dry quickly hanging simply in the shower after use as a wash cloth. A quick rinse of the face towelette material following face and body clean is all that is required. As a face flannel and body washer the soft material can travel with you everywhere you go. It does not take up much space in my toiletry bag and is ready for use at the end of the day on a road trip.

Sometimes I use the Chiffon face washer just to freshen up during the day and it still dries simply hanging up before I take my evening shower.

The face and body towel material can also withstand many dryer cycles. This is extremely handy if you have a dryer at home over the long rainy winters. I prefer to use an environmentally friendly and chemical free detergent to wash any material I use on my face and body and on my children.

It’s reassuring to know my skin remains toxin free and my family is doing something good for the environment.

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